Case Studies ImageHey! Check this…

What if you could tell a story.

A true story.

About a person.

Who had a problem.

And what if that person’s problem was solved.

By you… your product… and the service you provide.

And what if…

By telling that person’s story.

About how the problem was solved.

Complete with awesome results.

You could persuade others.

Who had that same problem.

To consider your solution.

For themselves.

That, my friend, is the beauty of case studies.

. . .

Have you ever heard the quote:

“Tell A Good Story And Make Them Forget It’s An Ad”

It goes like this…

The reader gets caught up in the story of the hero’s journey.

He becomes invested in her adventure.

He sees himself in her struggles.

And shares her desire for a particular result.

Then, when she reaches success, he identifies with her achievement of the goal.

And he believes that if he does what the hero did, he too will have his problem solved.

Case studies are personal.

They’re authentic.

Right down to the happy ending.

The reader comes to believe he must have your product.

He needs to find out more about your business so that he can have your amazing solution for himself too.

When you can make the reader say:

“They get me.

They see me.

This is exactly how I feel.

And this is exactly what I need to solve my problem.”

Then you’ve got an engaged prospect who wants to do business with you.

. . .

And That Makes Case Studies The Best Non-Marketing Way To Market

If I tell you how wonderful I am, you might not believe me.

And you might think I’m kind of a jerk for being conceited.

Testimonials work because when someone else tells, from their experience with you, how great you are.

It’s very believable.

Case studies work because not only is someone you’ve worked with telling how great you are, they’re also sharing the details of how they got from the problem to the solution by working with you.

And that’s exceptionally believable.

And exceptionally powerful.

Problem + You = Solution.

Not just that it happened, but the details of how it happened.

Proof that you are “The Relatable Expert”.

All wrapped up in the stories that people love.

And that is what good promotion is all about.

. . .

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