lady walking on beach thinking fear of the unknown is stupid

(Photo Credit: I Love Simple Beyond/Pexels)


We hate it.

But why?

Isn’t life supposed to be full of new and interesting things?

The excitement of exploring… and learning… and growing!

It certainly shouldn’t be full of fear of the unknown, right?

How can we experience all that fun if we don’t ever leave our comfort zones?

Yeah, I know… the sofa is comfy.

And the weekend binge of just about any Marvel series does allow for plenty of vicarious excitement. But that’s another article for another day.

Just look at all the stories we have here on Medium alone.

(That’s right, I originally published this entire post on Medium too.)

Just like I started with I Am A Linchpin, let’s head over there now so you can read, clap and join in with others who think Fear Of The Unknown Is Stupid!

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