5 Reasons You Need A Freelance CopywriterWhy You Need A Freelance Copywriter Reason#1: Time

Do you have enough of it?

If you’re like most people, then probably not.

One of the biggest complaints from business owners is that they don’t have enough time to accomplish all the things they need to accomplish each day.

That’s not surprising. Because you’re crunching the numbers and buying the widgets.

You’re leading a staff and serving customers.

Do you have time to interview clients for case studies?

Or research statistics for white papers?

Or time to keep your prospects and customers up to date through regular articles and newsletters?

And still get home in time for dinner?

Reason #1: Because your time is better spent on other activities within the business.

. . .

Reason #2: Ability

Storytelling is a talent. Copywriting is a learned skill.

Copywriters are trained to excel at persuasive writing. It’s not simply about touting how great your product is. Though it most certainly is awesome! 🙂

With a freelance copywriter on your team, you benefit from a skilled professional… weaving through perfect word placement… to find that seamless motivating sequence for buyers of your product to… well – buy your product.

And then there’s B2B.

B2B campaigns are different than promotions geared toward consumers.

B2B freelance copywriters understand the distinction.

Do you even like to write? Many people don’t. They find it tedious to sit down and struggle with the blank page.

Sound familiar? Then you need help from someone who can write professionally in a polished… educational… persuasive… and web savvy manner.

Reason #2: Because your talents provide a stronger benefit elsewhere in the company.

. . .

Reason #3: Costs

With a freelance copywriter, you pay by the project rather than have a staff member on payroll.

Salary plus taxes plus benefits make for a big liability and a big headache.

Laws are changing and becoming more complex. Costs are also rising. Both the rates to provide the mandated benefits as well as the costs to administer them are always increasing.

But that’s okay. Think of your freelance copywriter as an independent professional… providing a specialized service… on an as needed basis.

Like with every specialized service, some will need more than others. In those cases, freelance copywriters usually do also offer services on retainer for the ongoing projects.

It’s a win-win for everyone.

Reason #3: Pay for product rather than hours.

. . .

Reason #4: Space

And speaking of employee v. independent professional relationships: freelance copywriters require no desk, computer, phone line or IT infrastructure taking up space in your office.

In fact, though we certainly will develop a comfortable and trusted camaraderie, we may never even meet in person.

It’s been widely reported that virtual work and telecommuting are on the rise. And that makes sense. It’s better for the environment, traffic congestion, and stress as well as a variety of costs on both sides.

Trusted business professionals don’t need to congregate in order to be productive.

In fact, a lot of the time this gathering decreases productivity.

With freelance writers you don’t deal with mandated breaks, disruptive gossip or arguments over the thermostat setting.

Reason #4: Because remote work allows for more productivity.

. . .

Reason #5: Convenience

We’ll work together project by project. No need to “find” something for staff to do until the next piece needs to be written.

No need to force the assignments on someone who might not be the best resource simply because she has the time.

No need to take it on yourself.

Freelance copywriters offer the best of both worlds. You get a valuable relationship with a trusted professional while focusing on what you do best.

Reason #5: Because paying a bill is far simpler than managing a payroll and workload.

. . .

Bonus Reason

Could your materials benefit from a new perspective? A set of fresh eyes never hurt any project.

Your business is important to you. And you’ve nurtured it to great success.

But you can’t help to have developed a certain focus.

Yes, I’ll want to read all of your materials and be up to speed as an expert as well.

I’ll notice some things along the way. And that fresh perspective might just be the ticket… for a brand new angle… to achieve your next level of success!

Sound good? Yay! Get in touch and let’s talk about making your next project a record-breaking winner!

P.S. ~ Don’t forget to be awesome today! 🙂❤️