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Happy New Year! Hello 2019!

Cheers to turning the page…

Did you ever wonder how that simple flip of a calendar page holds so much power?

Today’s the day we’re all brand new again.

Which means… anything you didn’t achieve last year is over and behind you.

Whatever it was… just let it go.

Those undone things you emotionally beat yourself up over only yesterday are forgiven.

Today the world of possibilities opens up again.

And you know what… if any of those things are still important to you, just put them right back on this year’s list. And start fresh.

The key is to not re-make the same mistakes.

All those habits that don’t serve your agenda must go. No backsliding this year.

For 2019 to rock as your year of success…

And there’s no other way around this…

You have to cut loose your bad habits and create good habits that fulfill your goals.

I mean as in ruthlessly.

Easier said than done, right?

Well… not so fast.

. . .

Here’s To Turning The Page

I’ve just started reading James Clear’s Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones. (That’s my affiliate link if you want to check it out for yourself.)

Even only a few chapters in, I’m relating to just about everything he says.

Apparently… all this time we’ve been trying to make and break habits the wrong way.

So, I’m taking his advice and creating my own implementation intentions.

I’m even making a spreadsheet, so I can check things off each day until my brain develops its new autopilot.

Wanna play? Cool.

In addition to writing down your intentions, how about also building alarms on your phone.

When the noon alert pings, you’ll know what it’s time to do.

As in right now. Stop everything and do that thing now.

No more “Well, I’ll just do it when I get to a good stopping point.”

Which – of course – as you already know – never happens – and there goes the day.

No more of that!

Now, when the alarm sounds, go do the thing you committed to. Until it’s automatic.

Pavlov proved it all those years ago. When the bell dings, your brain will know it’s time.

Fair warning… I’m not even done reading Atomic Habits yet so I’m betting there may be more blog posts inspired by this awesome book.

Speaking of… for my part, one of the things I’ve been meaning to do is start blogging more.

I even won a spec challenge at AWAI’s 2018 Bootcamp by writing about everything blogging can do for your business. You can read it here.

I should at least be walking the walk, right?


So here we go…

. . .

Let’s Make 2019 The Year Of Turning Goals Into Habits

The power of turning the page is really all about giving yourself permission to start fresh… the right way.

Teach your brain to make those activities that serve your goals automatic.

Pretty soon, they’ll be automatic.

And then you’re truly on your way to a successful new year.

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P.S. ~ Don’t forget to be awesome today! 🙂❤️