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E-commerce Merchant | Content and Copywriter | Operations Analyst – ElevenTwentySeven LLC, 2018-Present

● Currently, I’m the lead designer, curator, and social media manager at positivitygalaxy.com.

● I also write copy and content for myself and others. You can find me on Medium, LinkedIn, B2B Writing Success, and victoriacorriere.com.

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Operations Analyst – Inman News, 2016-2017

● Here I wrangled the day to day finance for a subscription-based online media company that provides business and technology news to the real estate industry. My days were filled with recurring revenue reconciliations, deposits, payables, receivables, contracts, and credit card reconciliations. I also created and managed all department and company budgets. Detail obsessed? You know it.

● I slayed a couple of HR projects like FLSA assessments and foreign visa applications. Then came the research and vetting of a new solution for deferred revenue reporting. And another one for an alternative to the current PEO/HR partner. Independent and self-motivated? Check.

● I authored several policy and procedure documents. And made all kinds of friends as a customer liaison, vendor resource, and employee support. So I’m creative, helpful and inclusive too. This was all remote from my own home office. I’m told that when I left, the COO said to the team “We’re going to miss her. We’re really going to miss her.”


Data Analyst – SweetData Concepts, 2013 – 2015

● Here I monitored hundreds of data flows for a B2B SaaS development company that provides raw data transformation services to fast casual dining clients nationwide. Customers used our service for payroll, margin analysis, cost variance, and inventory management.

● I also watched over data integrity, even if that meant remotely accessing a store computer to get the data manually. I made sure the individual store payrolls were completed and correct.

● And I supported customers with their questions and problems. Again, all remote from my own home office.


Other Professional Experience:

● I’ve been an Accounting Manager for several small businesses where I took care of POS system reconciliations, human resources, payroll, and benefits administration. Most of these were remote from my home office as well.

● I’ve been a Business Analyst for SaaS projects that provided online benefits enrollment for school district employees.

● I was once a Registered Representative (NASD Series 63, 22 and 7) for two multiple-CTA limited partnership commodity trading funds. While I was there I also developed the software code for the partner K-1 tax forms.

● And I’ve been a Risk Management Specialist for an owner of general and psychiatric hospitals. Talk about an air-traffic controller: I consulted with hospital administrators, brokers, attorneys and investigators on application, renewal, incidents, claims and lawsuits for auto, property, workers’ comp, and general and professional liability insurance.

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I’ve completed Blockchain Deep Fundamentals with Ivan On Tech Academy and various copywriting courses from AWAI.

I’ve attended Austin Community College and N. Harris Co. Community College taking various business and legal classes.

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WordPress, Photoshop, QuickBooks, Shopify, Expensify, Slack, Zoom, Bill.com, MS Office, GSuite Programs