Sound crazy? You haven’t met crazy until you join How to Write Kick-Butt Health Copy: Carline Anglade-Cole’s CRAZY Way. But you know what – sometimes crazy is exactly what you need to get it right…


Dear Future Natural Health Copywriter,

True story. It felt like jumping off a cliff.

Who did I think I was anyway? Supplement manufacturers, especially natural health and organic product companies, only want copywriters who are veterans ~ scratch that ~ titans in the field, right?

They need masters of the craft who can step in and conjure up winning sales copy on a whim. Only those with established skills and a verifiable track record need apply.

Or so I thought.

With zero experience writing for the health market, signing up for this project truly was a leap of faith.

And a smart decision!

With genuine affection for her “cubs” and pure enthusiasm for her craft, Carline doesn’t hold anything back.

Right away I found out…


This Class Is Chock-Full Of Crazy Secrets!

Including gems like:

  • Headlines Don’t Have To Be Words
  • The Jimmy Fallon Factor
  • It’s Not Your Fault
  • Find Your Mama Da
  • Incubate Your Babies, Then Kill Them


Oh, and she’s hysterically funny! I don’t know what I did more, learn or laugh.

“What a great session. I love it when my heroes turn out to be genuinely nice people.”
~ Student A. Atlanta, GA

“But wait,” you might be thinking. “Isn’t Carline famous for those 40-page magalogs? I could never write one of those.”

No worries. You don’t have to. The natural health market also needs:

  • Special Reports
  • Landing Pages
  • Squeeze Pages
  • Product Pages
  • Online Forms
  • Upsell Pages
  • Downsell Pages
  • Thank You Pages
  • Newsletters
  • Banner and Text Ads
  • Postcards
  • Video Sales Letters
  • Auto-Responder Welcome Series
  • Auto-Responder Product Series
  • Daily Emails To The List
  • Retention/Reorder Emails
  • Cross-Sell Emails
  • And More!

Then once you’re ready, add those big magalogs to the list too. And the royalties that come with them.


Hands-On Assignments, Critiques and Celebrity Guests…

Begin at the beginning as they say. So we learned the rules. And then how and when to break them. (Hint: whenever you need to 😉)

On to headlines… leads… and bullets. Through proof… testimonials… sidebars… and premiums. Then finally, the all-important close and back cover. And don’t forget your Sandy Factor all along the way.

Joined by industry superstars, Carline brought the goods, week after week after week.

Experts like Clayton Makepeace who tangoed with Carline over “The Anatomy of a Control”.

Copywriting legend Bob Bly stopped by to talk about pricing and positioning.

And designer Rob Davis coached us on the graphic design collaboration that brings the package home.


The Reviews Are In!

When asked the question:

“Do you believe that being a part of this seminar will make you a better copywriter, help you break into the health market and land lucrative jobs?”
~ An astounding 100% of respondents said “Yes!”


The Best Part Of All: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Because, after all, isn’t that why we’re all here?

Where most online classes teach you how to get clients, then leave you stranded, Carline went crazy above and beyond.

She brought in not one, but two health company representatives who are looking to hire copywriters, right now!

And we’re not talking about a need for top-of-the-game masters. Both of these ladies were looking for multiple copywriters at all levels. For nice compensation and potential ongoing relationships. There truly was something for everyone.

“Wow! Lessons, advice, and suggestions. This is pure gold. And spec opportunities too. Carline way over-delivered.”
~ Student B. Austin, TX

“Thank you for creating this class, Carline. How inspired am I that a super-successful person like you would take time out to help others get the right start. I promise I won’t let you down.”
~ Student C. Costa Mesa, CA

Ironclad Guarantee

Talk about kicking-butt… this seminar was a very intensive, butt-kicking four-week commitment. During the first week, if any of us did not believe the workshop was right for us, we could exit and receive a full refund. No questions asked.

And just when you’re sure your brain can’t hold anymore…


Introducing the Terrific Twenty

Fast action takers ~ the first twenty people to sign up ~ received yet another earning opportunity. After the program ended, we alone got to work with Carline to revive one of her older promotions. If our contribution was included in the refreshed package, Carline would reward us by refunding our entire seminar fee.

Yes, you heard me right…

  • Winning cover test = entire seminar fee refunded!

Ready to get in on your own personal entry to writing for the health market? Good, because…


There’s Nothing To Lose When You Get:

  • Hours and hours of secrets to success from one of today’s most successful health copywriters
  • Personal mentoring by someone who’s been there and done it – all the way to the bank
  • Bonus participation from HER mentors and partners
  • Introductions to not one, but two hungry natural health clients, and
  • The opportunity to get it all for FREE

“I’m exhausted! Again! These classes are quantity AND quality. So much practical information presented with such generosity. This is THE BEST online class I’ve ever taken.”
~ Student D. Jacksonville, FL

“This seminar is full of all the secrets, tips and knowledge I needed to start helping clients right away. Best of all, my calendar is full of interesting, challenging projects. I get to write for an industry I’m passionate about. And work alongside amazing people who are creating awesome products for customers they actually care about. If you’ve ever wanted to write for the natural health market, this is THE program you need to join.”
~ Student E. Houston, TX

Deserved or not, the natural health industry has a reputation for being difficult to break into.

So imagine this: two writers of similar ability inquire to a supplement company. One has been mentored by the natural health market’s Queen of Copy.

The other hasn’t.

Who do you think gets the job?

You do! Because Carline’s Certificate of Completion with your name on it is your currency for entry.

IF you can get one.

Carline said she would never do this class again. But if you’re reading this letter, she may have changed her mind.

Which means this is your chance – right now – and perhaps never again – to change the course of your natural health copywriting career.

Do you want to be just another face in the sea of those struggling to make a name and build a business?

Or would you rather live life on your own terms with the knowledge – and connections – from the expert the natural health market looks to for its own results? Things like…

  • Structure
  • Secrets
  • Mentoring
  • Critiques
  • Bonus Guests
  • Bonus Earning Opportunities
  • And the all-important access to companies with jobs

Potentially for FREE!

Sound crazy?

Like I said at the beginning… sometimes crazy is exactly what you need to get it right!

So go ahead… be crazy… and dive right in.

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Can’t wait to see you there,

Victoria Corriere
Terrific Twenty, Inaugural Session

P.S. Don’t worry if you miss something while taking notes. Sessions are recorded, and the replays are available forever.